My voucher code does not work

We're sorry to hear you're experiencing an issue with your voucher code. Please find a list of common issues below:

Voucher code not entered correctly
Please make sure you voucher code is exactly as it appears including all hyphens (-)

Incorrect product option selected
Please make sure you've selected the right product option. Our system associates discount amount to the order total. If these do not match it will not allow the voucher code to be redeemed.

Incorrect quantity selected
Please make sure you've selected the right quantity. If your deal was for 3 items, you should have 3 (or more) items in your basket. Our system will not allow you to redeem your voucher if the quantity does match (or exceed).

Expired voucher code
Make sure your voucher is not expired. Our usual voucher validity is 1 month. If your voucher was issued more than a month ago it may be the case that it has expired. Please contact your voucher provider for instructions on how to proceed.

If you continue to experience issues please click on the Support tab on the right and select the More option. Please enter as much information as possible so our Customer Service Representatives can resolve any issues you may be experiencing as soon as possible! 

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